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ACTOUR, the premier travel
in Cape Verde

ACTOUR is a local agency specialized in cultural and adventure tourism in Cape Verde.


They offer:

  • Trekking tours on the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santiago, Fogo, Brava, and São Nicolau, allowing you to explore the diverse facets of the archipelago and its varied landscapes.

  • Relaxation stays to enjoy the beautiful and expansive white sandy beaches of Sal and Boavista islands.


These trips can include services such as the guidance of a local French and/or English-speaking guide, transportation arrangements (including luggage transport during hikes), hotel and/or homestay accommodations, inter-island flight bookings, as well as ferry ticket reservations. They are suitable for families, groups of friends, solo travelers, and anyone who wants to discover Cape Verde!

Most of their hiking tours take place on the stunning island of Santo Antão, where you can explore its mountainous and green landscapes, terraced fields, remote thatched cottages, and beaches.

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Our story

At ACTOUR, our team consists of local guides and drivers who have grown up in Cape Verde. We have a passion for our archipelago, and we take pride in sharing the richness of our culture and history with our visitors. We are experts in organizing tailor-made trips that allow our clients to have an authentic and unforgettable experience in the surrounding islands.

Our team

Adilson ACTOUR Trekking founder and Cape Verde travel advisor



I'm Adilson Correia, founder of Actour Trekking (Adilson Correia Tour). The idea of creating Actour Trekking was born of my love for nature, culture and adventure, and my desire to share these wonders with other travellers eager for authentic discoveries. It's an adventure I'm delighted to share with those who share my passion for travel and exploration. As a passionate guide, I create memorable experiences at our agency in Cape Verde. With a deep knowledge of the local culture, awe-inspiring nature and unique customs of our magnificent archipelago, I'm here to accompany you on exceptional adventures. With many years of experience in the tourism industry, I strive to tailor each trip to your interests and curiosity. Whether you want to explore picturesque hiking trails, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean or discover the traditional villages of Cape Verde, I'm here to offer you an authentic perspective on life on these fascinating islands. Join us in this unique experience, where every moment represents an opportunity to create precious memories and experience moments that will remain engraved in your heart. I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful destination and offering you an unforgettable experience in Cape Verde! Best wishes in Cape Verde !


Expert Advisor

My name is Armileida, and I work as a travel consultant for Actour Trekking. My professional career has always been closely linked to my passion for travel and my love for the beautiful islands of Cape Verde. My commitment to our customers goes beyond simply planning trips. I am passionate about preserving the environment and culture of Cape Verde. That's why I strive to promote responsible and sustainable tourism, collaborating with local communities and encouraging our visitors to respect nature and immerse themselves in Cape Verdean life. As a travel consultant with our agency, I'm delighted to share my intimate knowledge of Cape Verde with those wishing to discover this island paradise. My ultimate goal is to create unforgettable memories for our customers, helping them explore the hidden treasures of this magnificent archipelago.

Armileida Cape Verde Travel Advisor
ELICA - Cape Verde Travel Expert Advisor


Expert Advisor

My name is Elica and I'm originally from the island of Santo Antao in Cape Verde. As a guide and experience creator with Actour Trekking, I have the privilege of sharing the natural beauty and cultural richness of my country with travellers from all over the world. Guiding through picturesque trails and spectacular landscapes, I strive to create unforgettable experiences that combine adventure and discovery. My love for my homeland is reflected in every excursion I lead, offering visitors an authentic insight into Cape Verdean life. Whether exploring traditional villages, trekking through lush green valleys or discovering secluded beaches, I am committed to making every trip a memorable and rewarding adventure. Welcome to Cape Verde!

Djeison, local guide Cape Verde



ALICE - Guide to Cape Verde



NATCHA - Guide to Cape Verde



FILIPE - Driver in Mindelo



LUIZ - Guide in Cape Verde



ANGELINO - Driver in Santo Antão




Expert Advisor

My name is Vitson and I'm a specialist advisor with Actour Trekking for holidays in Cape Verde. I'm a native of the island of Santo Antão and have a deep passion for adventure and Cape Verdean music. I also have a keen interest in local cuisine. My fluency in French, English and Spanish means I can offer you high-quality support. During your stay, my aim is to help you discover my native island in an authentic way, by getting as close as possible to its inhabitants. This will give you a better understanding of their way of life, their culture and the wonders of our archipelago. Benefit from the experience and invaluable advice of a local professional who has a deep love for his country. Welcome to Cape Verde!

VITSON Expert Advisor Cape Verde
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